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Start your own Internet Service Provider business anywhere in India; we will help you set it up! Your business + our technical support = an award winning partnership.

To start your own ISP business, you need -

A hybrid mix of fiber and/or wireless network has to be created in the area you wish to start your service. This network will help you distribute bulk internet from your Base Station to your home to home customers.

You will require necessary ISP licenses or an ISP franchise agreement with an existing licensed ISP to get bulk internet, which you can redistribute legally to your local area using your Wired/Wireless ISP network.

You need to have technical knowledge of how to operate, update and fix your ISP network in case of any issues. This will help you provide remote support to your clients as well and keep your network functional.

You need to create a business plan after due research of the local internet market. This will determine -
1. Your marketing strategy.
2. Your Internet Plans.
3. Support agreements.

Business Requirements

Our Expertise

How can we help?

Plan and Setup your ISP network.

We create a tailor-made wireless/wired network which perfectly suits your particular area of operations.
This will help you buy the right and the most cost effective hardware for your ISP network, so that you don't end up over-spending to setup your ISP business.
We will also setup your complete ISP network and configure your hardware exactly how you need it.

Technical Training

We get you trained from an existing Internet Service Provider to provide you the technical expertise you need to manage your day-to-day operations, handle support queries, tackle common problems and scale up your ISP business. Thus, we make sure you become self-reliant when it comes to taking future business decisions.

Bandwidth Procurement

We provide legal expertise to help you get your own ISP license or guide you towards getting an ISP franchise from a reliable licensed ISP. We've been in touch with about 15,000 Internet Service Providers across India to understand which licensed providers are providing good quality and cost effective bandwidth. Thus, we help you tie up with the right licensed ISP for your particular state/city.

Our Services

Advantage Muft!!

Why are we the right match for you!

Option of Choosing Multiple Bandwidth Providers

The Wireless/Wired setup we do will be compatible with any bulk bandwidth provider/licensed ISP all across India. This gives you the freedom to choose any bandwidth provider and switch to another provider whenever you'd like to.

Choose your own Hardware Provider

We will provide consultancy for you to buy the right hardware. However, you can choose your own local hardware provider which makes it easy for you to maintain relations. If you can't manage to find a reliable hardware provider, don't stress; we will help you with the right hardware providers in your area.

Technical Training to handle your business.

We train you or your personnel in such a way that you'd never require outside help to manage, operate and scale up your existing ISP business. In fact, you will be able to help setup ISP businesses for other smaller ISPs.

Tailor-made ISP network.

Our team does an actual site-survey of your area to help make a custom ISP network which suits perfectly for your area, investment and feasibility. This makes sure we create your ISP network with last-mile connectivity in the most cost effective way possible.

Why Muft Internet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Few insights for you to help plan your ISP business

We can offer you a training program to acquaint yourself with the technical knowledge you need to run your ISP business. You might be able to set your ISP network yourself if you have advanced networking knowledge.

It would be difficult to manage day-to-day operations and future building of your ISP network. Thus, its advisable to get yourself trained as well.

Almost 90% of ISPs don't start their business with an ISP license. If you already own a cable tv business, it's advisable to get your own ISP license, but not otherwise. It depends on your investment capacity as well.

If you're starting a new ISP business, you can get a franchise agreement with a licensed ISP in order to purchase bulk bandwidth for resale. In this way, you can legally run your ISP business without an ISP license. You can find several licensed ISPs online who could provide ISP franchisee.

It would take about 2.5-3 lac to set up your ISP network which can handle about 150 customers. Our aim is to create the most cost efficient ISP network for you to start and scale your business with as little investment as possible.